Monday morning

Well, here I am. This is really it. I’m sitting here on a Monday morning writing this post instead of being at work like most people – except it’s a bank holiday here and actually everybody is off anyway but that is not the point ha ha ha.

Just over a month ago I quit my job in search of ultimate happiness, career wise. My job was fine, and it was in a field that I enjoy but it’s just not want I wanted to do.

A lot has been going on for my wife and I over this past few months too – our son was born in February and it is the best thing in the whole world. The thought of being at home working hard on my dreams whilst being surrounded by our new family bliss and his endless smiles was a no brainer for me. Honestly, he is the happiest baby ever and sleeps all night!

I have always said to people if you don’t like your job or if you want to do something else, ‘just quit and do that’. I’m always met by the same expression and response of ‘no way I couldn’t do that’ for one reason or the other, so it was no surprise when many people have said to me with a sense of shock ‘what are you going to do?’ or ‘do you have another job yet?’ etc. I do get it though when people say that because everyone has their own idea of happiness, so I don’t like to be disrespectful to anyone that stays in work and brings in steady money these days. For me though, that isn’t enough.

I will be operating on a freelance design from home basis, using my skills learned during employment for extra cash to help fund my mission.

So this REALLY IS IT! I can’t think of a better way to be a photographer is to just BE a photographer and devote all the energy and creativity that would normally go into to other peoples work, into my proposal.

I have set aside 2 full weeks starting today were I will work constant on NouPlan every day during normal 9-5 working hours as if it is a regular job, to really get into a good rhythm and make it the norm for me. After that I should be well accustomed to working everyday on various aspects of photography and progressing well, I’m so excited! Watch this space!!




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